Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico

Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico Restauants

The perfect day in San Juan could be swimming in the morning in the turquoise waters at Tres Palmas Inn Beach Hotel, followed by lunch of fish tacos with aMedalla Beer at La Cueva del Mar, an afternoon tour of the Old City Art Gallery's and to end that day dining in one of the many amazing restaurants that San Juan Puerto Rico have to offer. You can visit restaurants from renown Puerto Rico chef Jose Enrique, one of 10 Best New Chefs according to Food & Wine and other chefs and like Wilo Benet (Top Chef Masters), Chef Roberto Treviño (Iron Chef America) and Jose Santaella whose restaurant Santaella is one of the places to go if you want to be surrounded by the beautiful youth of San Juan.

Here is a list of restaurants that are recommended by Tres Palmas Inn. Some that are close to us, 10-15 minute walk, and others you will need transportation to visit them.

Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico close to Tres Palmas Inn

These Restaurants are picked because of the quality of the services provided and the proximity to Tres Palmas Inn. They are about 10 to 15 minute walk and highly recommended.

Casa Martorell - $$$ - Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico


In Casa Martorell you can enjoy the flavors of Puerto Rico and Mediterranean cuisine in a cozy and friendly atmosphere. On the menu highlight fish, seafood, meats and risottos. The house recommends assortment Mountain. This has chicken and pork sausage, Orocovis sausage, fried cheese and smoked meat on firewood guava and mango. For main course you can order the Steak Casa Martorell, the lobster or lasagna. The restaurant is located in Punta las Marias. - Restaurants in San Juan

The Garden - $$$ - Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico

Local family owned neighborhood restaurant specializing in organic creative cuisine, extensive wine list & a great variety of artisan beers, with indoor & outdoor bars in a relaxing garden–like ambiance with great music and fun staff.- Restaurants in San Juan

El Che's - $$$ - Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico

Restaurant GuideYears of nice food and service. Argentinos prefer it to be a warm space and its legitimate grill. Broiler sausages, pies and pancakes with caramel highlights. They have an extensive wine, spirits and good sangria. Che's Restaurant is located in Isla Verde. 'Beware of the size of the steaks are huge. " - Restaurants

Marisqueria Atlantica - $$$ - Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico

Over 20 types of fish. Favorites: turbot, snapper, sea bass, dorado. In addition, squid, mussels, prawns and octopus. And cod ceviche salad. A wine cellar with over 250 wines. Sal Awards Winner: Seafood Category. The Atlantic Seafood is a favorite restaurant to satisfy the most demanding palate seeking taste the seafood. The ever popular seafood paella with Spanish seasoning special touch is the signature dish. The octopus salad, conch and seafood is always fresh as delicious cod croquettes. The Atlantic Seafood opened in 1984 and since then offers a quiet and friendly atmosphere with good service and wine cellar. Green Island's restaurant has its own seafood shop where you can buy fresh, flaked and ready to be prepared in the comfort of your home fish. - Restaurants in San juan

Casa Dante - $$$ - Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico

Casa Dante is a family-run restaurant that serves more variations of mofongo than one would think humanly feasible. All are delicious, and you can stick to fajitas, pasta or a basic steak if that’s what you prefer to eat. - Restaurants in San juan

Kasalta Bakery - $$ - Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico

A must stop for breakfast; eat the revoltillos rich with ham and toast. Cuban-Galician-Dominican-Puerto Rico mix. Famous for its steak sandwich and Cuban fried. Fish salads, shrimp vinaigrette. Turbot in white wine and parsley, rabbit stew: a la carte menu. Natural Juice china. Excellent wine pastelería. Before President Barack Obama had lunch one Kasalta, this bakery, spent years being one of the most popular and busy. Excellent selection of sandwiches, pastries and soups. Available a la carte ready to eat, good wine selection menu. - Restaurants in San juan

High End restaurants

These are the best restaurants San Juan has to offer. These places are pretty busy from Thursday's to Saturdays and reservations should be made beforehand in order to assure a table.- Restaurants San Juan

Santaella Rastaurant - $$$$ - Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico

Santaella celebrates the roots of the island's comida criolla, and incorporates techniques, flavors and fusions from around the world into its food. Santaella will elevate and redefine your Puerto Rico dining experience. - Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico

Jose Enrique Restaurant - $$$$ - Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico

Jose Enrique worked in New York, Florida and Louisiana before he returned to his homeland. In 2007, he opens his first restaurant Jose Enrique, which was established at La Placita de Santurce and It’s personalized menu is prepared daily, incorporating natural and organic products focusing on fresh Puerto Rico produce, which allows the climate and ingredients to direct Chef menu choices. - Puerto Rico Restaurants

Pikayo Restaurant - $$$$$ - Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico

Pikayo is the flagship project for Chef Wilo Benet. The restaurant, created in 1990, has set standards and raised the level of luxury in fine dining in Puerto Rico. Pikayo combines exquisite taste with exclusive ambiance and unique creativity in its cuisine- San Juan Puerto Rico

Pikayo has been featured in some of the most prestigious travel and food publications internationally, such as The New York Times, Conde Naste Traveler and Gourmet Magazine. It is a local favorite and has hosted personalities from around the world.This one-of-a-kind restaurant rated the best Museum restaurant in the world, features nu + global mix cuisine, a fusion of exotic ingredients from international cuisine ( East Europe and Africa ) and traditional Puerto Rico flavors. - San Juan Puerto Rico

Budatai Restaurant - $$$$ - Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico

Chef Roberto Treviño has successfully merged in his menu oriental inspired delicacies with traditional elements of Puerto Rico cookery. Your taste buds travel to far away lands and inventiveness nests in your plate. Chef Treviño calls upon his charms and endless creativity to create a culinary art score that skillfully combines exotic delicacies with high-class cuisine. - Places San Juan Puerto Rico

1919 Restaurant - $$$$$ - Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico

José Cuevas was named Chef de l’Avenir (Chef of the Future) by the International Academy of Gastronomy in 2009 focus with a menu which emphasizes fish, shellfish and locally produced vegetables. Chef is working with local farmers and foragers throughout the island to supply fruits, vegetables, wild greens, poultry, meats, etc. to the hotel. Signature dishes include: Scallop a la Plancha in an Ocean-herbal Broth; Beef Teres Major Wagyu with Fricassee of Organic Carrot, Creamed Parsley and Pickled Mustard Seed, and Eggplant Confit in Tomato Water with local cucumber and clams escabeche, parsley vinaigrette. - Restaurants in San Juan Puerto Rico

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