Nightlife in San Juan Puerto Rico - Night Clubs

Looking for a good time?  Then let us point out the best places for your entertainment.  Whether you're looking to relax or shake it up at the dance club, we've got you covered.  With such a broad alternatives for a night out, you'll be sure to encounter fun times in in the Island.

Old San Juan Puerto Rico- Nightlife in San Juan Puerto Rico - Night Clubs

  • Nuyorican Café: Theater/bars with live music ranging from jazz and salsa, to local rock bands.  Try their delicious pizzas.
  • La Taberna Lupulo: bars with a large selection of craft beer.
  • La Factoria: Great ambience for a night out in Old San Juan, best on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Old harbor Brewery: Locally made craft beer, live music and food.
  • The Mezzanine at St. Germain: Lounge and tapas bars.
  • Santurce (Arts District) - Nightlife in San Juan Puerto Rico - Night Clubs

  • La Respuesta: live music venue, with DJ's, and occasional art expos.
  • El Local: live rock & roll acts, bars, nightlife.
  • Abracadabra: Drinks, food, occasional live music and theater.
  • Librería Libros AC Barra & Bistro: Bookstore turned tavern by night. live music, drinks and food.
  • Condado - Nightlife in San Juan Puerto Rico - Night Clubs

  • Oceano: Upscale bars with a great view of the beach.
  • La Concha: Lobby bars & Lounge live music, excellent food and drinks. The hotel casino is a step away.
  • El Barril: bars and grill always hopping with locals nightlife and tourists alike.
  • Di Zucchero Restaurant & Lounge: Great place for dancing; outdoor patio for smokers.
  • Isla Verde - Nightlife in Puerto Rico - Night Clubs

  • Club Brava: One of the most famous nightclubs in Puerto Rico. Located at the San Juan hotel & Casino.
  • Water & Beach Club Terrace: Hot spot for locals nightlife and tourists, Mist offers comfortable seating areas for rooftop relaxation.
  • Taigüey Beach bars & Restaurant: Local bars and Restaurant that opens until 6:00am with live music, Happy Hours and their famous karaoke nights.
  • Brother Jimmy's BBQ: This well known bars and grill that sits on the top floor terrace of the San Juan hotel & Casino with a stunning view of the beach and the city and excellent nightlife in Puerto Rico.
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